Past events
2021 Morn Laser New Product Launch
Time: June 30, 2021
Add: 1 Hexie Rd, Hi-tech development zone, Xintai, Shandong

About Morn Laser

On June 30th, 2021, Morn Laser New Product Launch completed successfully in Xintai Laser Industrial Park. Strategic partners and leading metal fabricators from all over China gathered together to witness this big event.

Booth Details

At the product launch, Morn Laser unveiled its new product-Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine, expanding its market to metal bevel cutting.

This highly acclaimed machine is a welcome addition to our product portfolio and developed in response to the call of the government’ s replacement of old economic growth drivers with new ones, and replacement of old processing methods with new ones as well, highlighting our unrelenting focus on growing market segments by offering fine manufactured laser machines with customer-centric technology.