Increase joint welding efficiency and productivity
with no further additional treatment

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Welding speed
melting width 
melting depth (double-side)
laser power

Benefits you can get from our handheld fiber laser welding machine

Super welding
Ultra-high welding

Easy to learn and
safe to operate

Reduced labor and
welding costs

See how Morn Laser Handheld Fiber Laser Welder heighten your factory

Create permanent welds with super efficiency

Welding joints with toughness equivalent to the parent material

Adopt our handheld laser welder to create firm joints higher than its substrate, far surpassing other ordinary welding machines. You can benefit from continuous welding, smooth seam and no follow-up polishing procedures.

Multi-welding modes to solve diverse welding challenges

Maximum welding capability powered with multi-welding modes

Non-contact welding makes welding hard-to-reach places easy. Diversified welding nozzles satisfy all kinds of welding requirements, such as spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, vertical welding, flat filet welding, internal and external filet welding. The welding of workpieces with complex seams or irregular shapes becomes so easy.

Safety clip ensures operation safety

Worry-free laser welding

A safety clip equipped on the laser welder improves operation safety during work. The laser will not go out from the laser gun unless the welding gun touches the metal, thus your safety can be fully guaranteed.

Long-distance welding makes large object welding easy

Custom fiber cable length adapts to wide working scenarios

Set with movable pulleys, you could overcome the limits of fixed workstation and freely move your welding station to wide working environment scenarios. Custom fiber allows you to weld large objects and hard-to-reach places.

Simple operation saves your costs on labor

Even a green hand could get the swing of it quickly

Our handheld laser welder requires no senior technician, even a green hand could get started with laser welding in a few hours. It’s a good choice for curb labor expenses.

Application & Cleaning Samples

Favored by fabricators of precision processing, medical equipment, electronics, battery aluminum shells, connectors, hardware accessories, kettles, sinks, clock precision parts, automobiles, this handheld laser welder fits for welding of thin metals and welds stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals effortlessly.

Handheld Fiber Laser
Welding Machine

of customers would recommend it
to a friend.
reviewd on 07/18/2021
Awesome laser welder saves time and labor costs 

“I’m thrilled with this medium-sized welder. It saves me a ton of time and labor costs. It’s quick and easy, and made nice clean job every time. Highly recommend!”

Fatih Üstündağ
Welding supervisor

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Machine Parameters
Laser Power1000W/1500W/2000W
Output power tunability(%)10-100%
Laser headHandheld Type
Laser wavelength1080±5nm
Spot sizeφ0.1-5mm
Welding depth1-3mm
Welding Parameters
MaterialThickness Single Side WeldThickness Double Side Weld
Stainless SteelUp to 5mmUp to 10mm
Galvanized SteelUp to 5mmUp to 5mm
Mild SteelUp to 5mmUp to 5mm
CopperUp to 1mmUp to 2mm
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