Eco-friendly And Non-destructive Cleaning For
Premium Surface Cleanliness.

Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

scan width
adjustment range
laser power

Benefits you can get from our pulsed laser cleaning machine

Unparalleled cleaning
Pollution-free cleaning
Long-term cleaning
Superior cleaning

See how Morn Laser pulsed laser cleaner heighten your factory

Clean in a precise and environmentally friendly manner

A superb replacement to the traditional cleaning method

Try this green, energy-saving and efficient industrial cleaner to remove rusts, paints and coatings in a more precise way. Unlike time and labor-consuming traditional cleaning methods that involve hazardous chemicals or cause damage to the metal underneath, this fiber cleaner requires no consumables and cleans various contamination and coating with absolute consistency. With a wide range of scan widths, you are capable of cleaning targeted areas with unparalleled cleaning accuracy.

Contactless cleaning with no damage to the substrate

Convincing quality with perfect surface cleanliness

Compared to alternative methods that damage the surface of the component, the pulsed laser cleaner works in a non-contact and strictly controlled manner. You could better control the heat input to prevent the substrate temperature from being too high or causing micro-melting. Thus there will be no distortion or damage to the surface of your material.

Power up and clean in one go

Super simple operation and mobile cleaning

The handheld laser head allows you to operate easily. Just power up and clean. Like no other laser cleaner, this cleaner is a leading laser cleaning solution that combines minimum operating costs, ergonomic design and superior performance. With a compact body, you can take it outside for wide-range cleaning applications.

Stable cleaning system with effortless maintenance

Safe operation and long lifetime

The laser cleaning system surpasses the capabilities of standard sandblasting and dry-ice blasting cleaners by a long shot. Being proud of the most efficient method of industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and surface preparation, this handheld laser cleaning machine has added safety for safe operation in virtually any work environment. You benefit from a long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.

Incredibly easy integration with auto-cleaning

360° cleaning for boosted efficiency

Upgraded with a KUKA robotic control system, you will be able to challenge ever-evolving cleaning needs with boosted efficiency. 360° cleaning, large objects cleaning, dangerous workplace cleaning, all become pretty easy.

Application & Cleaning Samples

Favored by fabricators of auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, rails and more, this pulsed laser cleaning machine handles rusts, oil, paints, coating, oxide layer, resin and other contamination in a more controllable and precise way while making processes more reliable and energy-efficient.

Pulsed Laser Cleaning

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reviewd on 08/15/2021
Best laser cleaner on the market

“I bought this laser cleaner to clean the rust off my rotors and it worked out perfectly!! Would recommend it to anyone.”

Owner of cleaning service

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Machine Parameters
Scan Width80-120mm
Laser Power100W/200W/300W/500W/1000W
Power Adjustment Range (%)10-100(adjustable)
Spot Diameter0.08mm
Laser Wavelength1064nm-1080nm
Fiber Length5m-10m(customizable)
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