Fiber laser welding machines

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We provide standard and customized laser welding solutions right for your manufacturing needs, regardless the type of material, technique, thickness you need to process. Sounds great? Chat with a member of our sales team to understand your application and specific needs. Finding each of our customers the most satisfied product is our first priority.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

fine welding seam | boosted efficiency

Need a powerful welding solution to solve your multi-welding challenges? Our auto laser welder not only amazes you with consistent fine welds, but capabilities to weld hard-to-reach welding areas. Boost your factory with this super tool!

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Integrated Fiber Laser Welding Machine

instant welding | easy to operate & move

This welder empowers you to create permanent joints with toughness equivalent to the parent material. You will be pleasantly surprised with its dramatically faster welding speed and super productivity. Master metalwork in just a few hours.

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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

long distance welding | multi-welding modes

Morn Laser fiber laser metal welders enable dramatically faster welding. Pretty easy to learn and operate. Wanna high-quality welding with consistent results. Buy one.

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