Laser machines

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Morn Laser is a one-stop industrial laser solution provider in the field of laser machine and technology. We have a wide range of industrial laser products and units covering fiber cutting lasers, welding lasers, fiber cleaning lasers and more. No matter how special your manufacturing requirements are, you can always rely on us.

Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

supreme configuration | high precision | safe & pollution-free

You will impress with top-notch laser cutting performance over the entire sheet thickness range, and double your production efficiency thanks to the auto loading system and dual pallet exchanger. Also a variety of intelligent functions and full cover provide you a safe and clean working environment.

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Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

tailor-made machine | efficiency boost

Cutting and then unloading takes up valuable time and effort, automate this process with Morn Laser’s exchange table sheet laser cutter and become more efficient! With just an immediate switch, you will keep your production line flowing with no stop.

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Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

one-shot bevel | efficiency boost | streamlined process

Want to get higher flexibility in metal sheet cutting. The newest laser bevel cutter streamlines your bevel cutting process and makes perfect bevels in one single shot. The produced precision parts are ideal for seamless welding.

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Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

supreme cost-effectiveness | dual-use laser | space-saving

Change instantly from sheet to tube without the need for additional setup or tooling. Use your time making products instead of making changeovers. It’s the ideal way to maximize your return on investment.

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Four-chuck Tube Cutting Lasers

truly zero-tailing | low cost per part | auto loader

Long and heavy tube cutting expert, truly zero-tailing. Make full use of your tube with this four-chuck tube laser cutting machine. Automatic bundle loader brings efficient production of big lots.

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Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine

top production output | low cost per part | extremely short tailing

Three-chuck linkage cutting boosts your tube utilization with virtually no tailings. Three-position tube clamping plus follow-up supports ensure stable tube feeding and prevent long tubes from bending. As a result, you profit from high cutting precision, great efficiency and low material costs.

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Automatic Laser Welding Machine

fine welding seam | boosted efficiency

Need a powerful welding solution to solve your multi-welding challenges? Our auto laser welder not only amazes you with consistent fine welds, but capabilities to weld hard-to-reach welding areas. Boost your factory with this super tool!

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Integrated Fiber Laser Welding Machine

instant welding | easy to operate & move

This welder empowers you to create permanent joints with toughness equivalent to the parent material. You will be pleasantly surprised with its dramatically faster welding speed and super productivity. Master metalwork in just a few hours.

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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

long distance welding | multi-welding modes

Morn Laser fiber laser metal welders enable dramatically faster welding. Pretty easy to learn and operate. Wanna high-quality welding with consistent results. Buy one.

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Continuous Wave Laser Cleaning Machine

large area cleaning | cost-effectiveness

Remove layers and contamination with utmost speed. Equipped with a continuous fiber laser, this cleaner best-suits large-scale cleaning and speed cleaning with maximum throughput. Enhance your cleaning efficiency now!

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Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

precise cleaning | environment-friendly

Try this green, energy-saving and efficient laser cleaner to clean rusts, paints and coatings in a precise way. Clean targeted areas with unparalleled cleaning accuracy and efficiency. No damage to product substrate.

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